The company

I founded the company in April 1999.The main priority was to find a reasonably priced Watch Winder,to accomodate my private collection.After comparing prices,which were sometimes many times the cost of a new watch,I decided to take matters into my own hands.

Working throughout the beginning stages,the basic construction I concepted is still apparent in the devices UB1 and UB4.The actual Technique has been kept as basic and robust as possible,which I believe to be the most effective and reliable method.Personally responsible for the Design,Technique,workings and Service, you will always have a competent partner for your questions and problems.

In the last few years I have been able to build a reputable customer circle throughout the whole of the German speaking areas.While I also present my watch collections at the many regional Fairs,I have direct contact to my customers and always enjoy the postive feedback concerning the quality and reliability of my works.I am also confronted with varing aspects which I had not taken into consideration, though very interested in hearing new ideas.If you have specific and/or unusual requirements,I am sure that I can accommodate.

Are you looking for a Watch Winder and my collection doesn't meet your requirements? Contact me could be worth your while.